Handcrafted web goodness

I love Dan Cederholm’s books Web Standards Solutions and Bulletproof Web Design. As a reader, I get to pick his brain and see how he analyzes web design problems and provides solutions that are attractive, practical, and accessible. He has now announced a third book—Handcrafted CSS—with that same approach using more modern techniques. From the website:

Handcrafted CSS: More Bulletproof Web Design is an attempt to share some of these details that matter most. By encouraging “progressive enrichment” to utilize advanced CSS and CSS3 properties that work in browsers today, to reevaluating past methods and best practices. This book will show how craftsmanship can be applied to flexible, bulletproof, highly efficient and adaptable interfaces that make up a solid user experience.

There’s also a video version on DVD that can either be purchased separately or bundled with the book.

I’ll be pre-ordering mine tonight.